Spanish language and culture II (B1) /

Español / Intensivos de Verano


360€ (completion certificate included at the end of the course).


  • Acento español: curso de español para extranjeros. Cuadernillo de ejercicios. Nivel intermedio B1. ISBN: 978-84-941833-1-7

Enrolment period

  • From March 27th to July 1st


From July 2nd to July 13th. From 10h to 14h.
From July 16th to July 27th. From 10h to 14h.

Publication of the grades

On the 17 September 2018

Issue of the certificates

From 24 January 2018


Information Instituto de Lenguas

+34 960690468

Spanish coordinator

Lucía de Ros Cócera

Additional information

This course intends to achieve the requirements of A1-A2 levels as it has been specified by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL).

It is focused on the four language skills (conversation and interaction, listening comprehension, reading comprehension and writing). It is a type of course that provides a quick and easy way through a constant interaction as it is focused on every aspect of the

Spanish language and its theory, mixing Spanish culture knowledge and practical outings.

In this course there will be two practical outings (optional and once a week). The Price of these practical outings will be paid additionally to the final price of the course.


In order to enroll in the course “Spanish language and culture I (A1), students do not need to have any previous Spanish level, as this course starts from scratch.

The Instituto de Lenguas reserves the right to carry out a level test during the first week of classes. If a student wants to determine wether it is appropriate for them to take the course, they can do an online test:


The mark of any student is only determined by the result of the final test, taken at the end of the course. Assistance and Project marks of the course will not be kept.

To successfully overcome the final assessment a mínimum of 50% is required in the final test which is made up of (conversation and oral interaction, listening comprehesion, reading comprehension and writing)


If a student has certain disability that affects the exam execution, they should contact Pablo Brotons ( before the beginning of the course.

Mock exams

Section - modelos de examen DELE B1

How to register for this course

The intensive course may be paid in a single payment or make a reservation of 200(deductibles from the total Price of the course and will not be returned in the case of cancellation of the enrollment) and pay the rest of the amount before the 1st July (course from 2nd to 13th July) and before the 15th July (course from 16th to 27th July). In the amount is not paid, the student will not be able to do the course.

The registration will be on-line through credit card payment or in person at any Nuevos Alumnos Office from March 27th to July 1st (for the course from July 2nd to 13th) and to July 15th (for the course from July 16th and 27th).

*To pay the amount pending Access to registration, select the same language/level/venue/course in which you enrolled and choose the option “Pagar recibos pendientes” “Pay pending receipts”. Also, you can pay in person at Nuevos Alumnos Office.


Start the enrollment online process

In person

At our Nuevos Alumnos Offices

  • Plaza de la Almoina, 3 – 46001, Valencia
  • C./ Sagrado Corazón, 5 – 46110, Godella
  • Alzira (c/ Adrián Campos Suñer, núm.6, 46600)
  • Xàtiva (c/ Camí fàbrica de paper, s/n, 46800)

See location

Important information

  • In case of doing the registration in person is necessary to provide the bank account number IBAN, an ID photocopy and the amount to make the reservation that can be paid in cash or credit card.
  • The payment for the enrollment reservation is 200€ (deductibles from the total Price of the course) that will not be returned in the case of cancellation of the enrollment.
  • No venue or group changes will be made except for a supervising cause after the enrollment, appropriately justified and at the expense of seat availability in the target group.
  • This is an attendance-based course, consequently the student has to accomplish the 80% of course attendance.
  • Only the registration of students from age 16 are permitted.
  • Students have to take with them their enrollment form the first day of class (for the purpose of enrollment check. Once this is done, the student will keep the form).
  • The UCV reserves the right to cancel a group if this do not reach the mínimum number of necessary students. In that case, students will be informed.