Spanish B1/B2 | Instituto de Lenguas UCV


  • 100 teaching hours
  • From Monday to Friday 5 hours a day
  • Price: €840
  • Beginning in May: from the 14th of May to the 10th of June 2019
  • Beginning in June: from the 14th of June to the 10th of July 2019

Information about registration

Once the reservation has been made, the university will not refund the payments already made.

The intensive course shall be paid as two payments: half of the amount shall be paid at the time of reservation and the other half before the beginning of the course through the web site of the Instituto de Lenguas (registration form / outstanding payments). The student will not fully enrolled until both payments are made and he/she does not have the right to attend classes.


¡ME SUENA! 2 (B1-B2). ISBN 978-84-697-3785-9

Publication of the grades

Beginning in May: 13th of June 2019
Beginning in June: 15th of July 2019

Issue of the certificates*

Beginning in May: from the 21st of June 2019
Beginning in June: from the 23rd of July 2019

*Certificate of achievement and attendance

Groups and venues

Day Hour Venue Start date  End date
From Monday to Friday 09:00 -14:00 Valencia* 14 May 10 June
From Monday to Friday 09:00 -14:00 Valencia* 14 June 10 July
From Monday to Friday 15:00 -20:00 Valencia* 14 May 10 June
From Monday to Friday 15:00 -20:00 Valencia* 14 June 10 July

*Venue to be confirmed into the Valencia Campus. The group could be located on any venues of the Valencia Campus.



If you are interested in staying in Valencia, please contact Lucía de Ros at: (

Official tests

The student has the possibility to enroll to take part in the Spanish Accreditation Exam SIELE


Information Instituto de Lenguas

+34 960690468

Additional information

The purpose of this course is that students achieve self-confidence in written and oral expression. This level is focused on the strengthening of grammatical tenses, vocabulary development and knowledge of the sociocultural Spanish and Hispano-American context through debates, various texts, auditions and conversations between students and the professor. Students, once they finish the course, will be able to produce simple and coherent texts about topics that are familiar for them or of personal interest. Also, they will be able to face new situations, make complaints, engage in talks about usual issues spontaneously or ask for clarification when they do not understand.

By means of texts analysis, exercises and different activities, which are, intended for students to study and revise, for example, the most difficult verbal tenses. On the other hand, it pursues the correction of common spelling mistakes and the acquisition of lexicon and essential structures that allow them to be able to express themselves safely about usual issues within their fields of interest or speciality.

This course aims to reach the level B2 requirements of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

It is focused on the four language skills (conversation and interaction, listening comprehension, reading comprehension and writing). During this class period, students will receive the practice needed to pass the SIELE's exam at the end of the course.


In order to enrol on the Intensive Spanish B1-B2 course, students must have a Spanish A2 Certificate. Instituto de Lenguas reserves the possibility of administering a level test during the first week of the course.

If you want to check your current Spanish level to determine if you are suitable for the B1-B2 course, you can do this by carrying out a level test on the following link (select the level that you want to check)


The exam of this course is not official, but you can order a certificate of attendance and competency if you need to.

Students' grades are determined by taking a Spanish Language Competency Exam. This exam evaluates different activities such as Reading comprehension, writing, listening and speaking.

The Instituto de Lenguas provides students the opportunity to enrol SIELE's Official Exam that the university offers 


If a student has a certain disability that affects the exam execution, they should contact Pablo Brotons ( ) before the beginning of the course.

How to register for this course

Registration will be done online by card payment or in person at any Nuevos Alumnos Office from the starting date until the day before the beginning of each course.

The registration fee corresponds to the half price of the course and it is 420€ (deductible from the total amount of the course) and will not be returned in case of cancellation of the registration. The remaining amount will be paid before the beginning of the course through the website of Instituto de Lenguas (registration form online / outstanding payments). The student will not be enrol on the course until both payments are made and he / she will not have the right to attend Spanish class.


Start the enrolment online process

In person

If doing the registration in person at Nuevos Alumnos it is necessary to provide your bank account number (IBAN), a photocopy of ID and the amount required to make the reservation. This can be paid in cash or by credit card.

Nuevos Alumnos Offices

  • Plaza de la Almoina, 3 – 46001, Valencia
  • C./ Sagrado Corazón, 5 – 46110, Godella
  • Alzira (c/ Adrián Campos Suñer, núm.6, 46600)
  • Xàtiva (c/ Camí fàbrica de paper, s/n, 46800)

See location

Group/Building changes

There will be neither group nor building changes unless unforeseen circumstances occurred after the registration require otherwise. In that case, this should be documentary proof provided and it will be subject to availability.


Course cancellation can be done by completing and submitting a Course Cancellation Request Form. Paper forms can be found at the concierge desk of any UCV building and submitted in the main Students' Office (Secretaría) along with a photocopy of the ID card/passport. Digital forms are also available to be filled in within the student's Intranet page (departamentos / secretaría / instancias virtuales alumnos/ baja total titulación). It is not possible to request the cancellation of a course via e-mail.

The termination of the student registration does not entail the refund of the fees paid until the date of the Course Cancellation Request. However, once the course cancellation is made effective, no other monthly installments will be charged.

Important information

  • This is an attendance-based course, consequently attendance is mandatory.
  • Only students over 16 are allowed.
  • On the first day of class students will have to take with them their enrolment form. (For the purpose of enrolment check. Once this is done, the student will keep the form).
  • The UCV reserves the right to cancel a group if the minimum number of students required is not met. In this case, students will be informed.